LSAT is making me give up on my dreams

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Re: LSAT is making me give up on my dreams

Postby sandwiches5000 » Sat Jul 09, 2011 2:42 am

Audio Technica Guy wrote:
bhan87 wrote: (Welcome to the world of law. Being able to think fast and efficiently is the WHOLE POINT.)

Yeah, lol if this guy thinks that the LSAT is the last time in the law he'd feel like the system was designed to favor those who can think really fast and efficiently under intense pressure.

You realize that when you're a lawyer, you bill your time out at like $400 per hour, as a first year. That means that you GD better think really fast, yet flawlessly, or your client is going to be awfully pissed off that it took you 10 hours to do something that most of your competitors can do in 6. People don't take kindly to thousands of dollars of their money being wasted because you don't like thinking under intense time pressure.

I totally agree. Nicely put. Although I think it is a bit asinine that there is a considerable difference in schools one can gain acceptance to on the basis of just a point or two score difference on the LSAT, it is a reasonable indicator of being able to think analytically under pressure. I hate the test as much as anyone else but it is a fairly reasonable hurdle that they throw at you. If one doesn't have the skills/drive to overcome it, then that individual shouldn't be a lawyer.

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Re: LSAT is making me give up on my dreams

Postby Helicio » Sat Jul 09, 2011 1:52 pm

If you really want law school, take the advice people have given you.

And the PowerScore Bibles are extremely helpful. How are you using them? You can't expect to just read through them and expect the techniques to stick like a sponge; you need to drill with the techniques in mind. You need to actively APPLY the things you learn from the Bibles.

You won't be using the Bibles effectively if you are just memorizing the concepts. You need to USE those concepts, and you need to use them so much that you begin finishing LSAT sections in a more time-efficient manner than before.

Study, OP. You may not be the smartest person in the world, but I'm sure you're smart enough to earn a decent score.

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Re: LSAT is making me give up on my dreams

Postby PDaddy » Wed Jul 13, 2011 1:02 am

It doesn't sound like OP understands the level of painstaking work ethic it takes to succeed at the LSAT. OP thinks he has worked hard, but the subtext of his post indicates that he expects things to come easily.

Here's how you prepare for success on the LSAT:

You have to spend a little money. Get the proper materials and as many practice exams as you can find. You must learn to think in true logicical terms. You must read dense materials on a regular basis. Put down the magazines and the comics for six months. Read the Wall Street Journal, the Scientific American, or even the Bible. Read books with theory in them. read closely at all times, taking a few seconds to dissect what you are reading, but learn to do it faster over time.

You must dig deep and learn every concept, every trick the LSAT psychometricians can throw at you. You have to learn to think like they do. You have to master time-management. You have to have the discipline to time yourself accurately, (or have someone else do it), and be honest about your scores. You need to discipline yourself enough to work out a regular study schedule.

You should take the practice exams at the same time of day as the real thing. You need to remove your ego, identify your weaknesses and work on those more than you practice refining your strengths. If you cannot do those things, good luck at whatever you decide to do, because you will not be doing it in Cambridge, Stanford, New Haven or even Durham.

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