Re-take Study Tips (Question)

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Re-take Study Tips (Question)

Postby ckelly85 » Tue Jun 28, 2011 2:23 pm

Dear TLS Friends,

I have perused the prep guides here on the site and took the June '11 LSAT, scoring a 163. My first time studying I used the LG/LR Bibles as well as the 10 or so most recent practice tests. I dedicated, what seemed to me, to be a respectable amount of time studying, probably somewhere between 125-150 hours between Feb and June. A 163 is more or less the lowest I have scored on a PT, and a 174 is the highest. I miss a relatively even number of questions in each section, but my score tends to vary fairly wildly. I would like to construct a plan to re-take the test in October, and could use some study advice from anyone willing to give it.

My score has not seen much improvement once I finished the LG Bible in March (by practicing LG sections), and I was unable to raise my LR score significantly by reading the LR Bible. My RC score is usually fairly strong. Would you suggest re-reading the Bibles or focusing more on taking practice tests and isolating problem question types. I feel like I have reached a bit of a study plateau and would appreciate any tips on breaking what seems to be an LSAT study funk.

Thanks in advance!

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