Powerscore Game-labeling question

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Powerscore Game-labeling question

Postby DonnaDraper » Tue Jun 28, 2011 1:14 pm

So I am currently reviewing Games and how to appropriately classify them before/during diagramming and I have run into a problem which maybe someone can help me with.

I am having issues with how Powerscore labels their Advanced Linear Games in terms of "Balanced" vs "Unbalanced."

Here is a specific example: PT 44, Games #3 vs Game #4.

Powerscore labels Game #3 as 'Balanced' and Game #4 as 'Unbalanced-Underfunded'. I agree with the labeling of Game 4 but not Game 3. In fact, I think that these two games fall into the same category of 'Advanced Linear: Unbalanced-Underfunded'.

If ANYTHING I would say that Game 3 is even more 'Unbalanced' than Game 4 because you don't even have to use all of the variable listed (FGO...you can use up to 4 Fs....see question #17) AND because, with the exception of that single G being assigned to the 10th century, and the 8th century needing to have O, they do not have fixed assignments such as O to the 8th, G to the 10th, F to the 9th. However, Game 4 DOES have fixed assignments with its parking lots (i think), we just don't know what they are. Furthermore, each parking lot has to be used at least once.

Both games have 2 rows of five slots and 3 potential variables for each row. So I ask...how could Game 3 be labeled as 'Advanced Linear - Balanced'

Maybe I am missing something. Someone enlighten me because my faith in Powerscore game-labeling has been shaken and God forbid I be left to figure this stuff out on my own (aaahhhh!)


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Re: Powerscore Game-labeling question

Postby sharklasers » Tue Jun 28, 2011 1:30 pm

No, Powerscore just didn't work for me. I used a matrix for every game.

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