Definitely Re-taking... Need help with study tips!

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Definitely Re-taking... Need help with study tips!

Postby clarawater » Tue Jun 28, 2011 12:37 pm

So here's the background... got a 165 on the June 2011. Was a bit disappointed because my practice tests' average was 167/168, with one 172 thrown in there.
I would like to go to Boston College with some merit money, so I definitely want to bring it up. Here's the dilemma though; how should I study for October?

I want to avoid burnout, but still maintain the "level" that I am already on (not decrease in score). I have time during this summer to study, but school starts in September so I'll be pretty busy then. Also, I am limited on the number of recent practice tests left.
Does anyone have any advice/experience with this? I already took a three month long online course, so I will be studying on my own.
Does one practice test a week about a month leading up to the test sound adequate, as well as review of my weaknesses during the summer? (In order to get about a 5 point increase).

Any help is appreciated.

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