conditional reasoning videos

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conditional reasoning videos

Postby totaltest.milan » Sun May 29, 2011 4:19 pm

Hey all,

I'd like to share with the community a set of videos and exercises that I made that explain conditional reasoning. They're about an hour in length and are the first lecture in a set of fifteen lectures from which I teach my students. The rest of the lectures all use actual LSAT questions to explain the concepts so I can't put them up for free because of LSAC licensing. But I'm putting together simplified versions that explain the main points behind the lectures and will post updates.

Basically the 9 videos cover the important areas behind conditional reasoning from a very basic definition of what it is to working with conditionals that have multiple conditions. I didn't include linking conditionals or too many specific examples of how conditional reasoning is used in the test because that's something I go over in the first free lesson with every potential student (gotta have something so that they can see that I know how to teach :wink: )

Hope you guys find these videos useful and I'll be happy to answer any questions/critiques/etc.

The videos:

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