LR Tips and Tricks?

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LR Tips and Tricks?

Postby dkang » Fri May 27, 2011 12:09 am

I'm missing 8 to 9 usually on a LR section. I usually don't get to the last three, a few are harder questions i truly don't know and usually I miss 2 or 3 easy ones which i really need to get correct. But anyways, does anyone have an quick tips or tricks for LR in general, to increase my focus so I dont miss the easy ones, certain question types, etc.


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Re: LR Tips and Tricks?

Postby incompetentia » Fri May 27, 2011 12:14 am

Which types are you missing the most of?

At -8 and -9, there should be at least one or two. If you don't know, find out and start there.


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Re: LR Tips and Tricks?

Postby rubydandun » Fri May 27, 2011 2:11 am

LR is all about argument analysis. The different question types are just different ways of testing your understanding of the arguments (MBT is an exception, of course).

Get surgical with the following and your LR will rise:

1.) Be able to identify BG Info, Premises, Counter-Premises, Subsidiary Conclusions, and Conclusions the second you look at a stimulus

2.) Understand diagramming and conditional reasoning (if, except, unless) like the back of your hand

3.) Understand what makes an argument weak and strong, and how premises are structured to support conclusions

4.) Understand Causal Reasoning



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Re: LR Tips and Tricks?

Postby jortiz682 » Fri May 27, 2011 3:06 am

TLS isn't exactly the most help for someone missing 8 or 9 in a single LR. To knock it down, I don't know, say...5? I'd start with the following:

Read the question stem first. Some people say this is counterintuitive and what not, but logically, it isn't. It helps to know you're looking for a flaw before you read a flaw question. It helps to know you need an answer that must be true for a MBT question. It just makes sense. I've never understood the debate over this. Every question stem you don't re-read is time you have to answer more Q's.

Skip parallel anything. These tend to be the longer/longest Q's, and hence take more time to answer. Once you read the stem, or even upon seeing a big block of text for one question, you'll know it's probably a parallel and skip it.

Bubble by pages. Self-explanatory, I suppose. Saves time nonetheless.

Finish the first 5 Q's in 3 minutes. This should be possible, given the relative ease of the first 5 Q's. Don't skip over answer choices that seem wrong, but nothing should require a re-read. Then you'll have 32 minutes for the other 20, and in all reality the other 17 or 18 that you're focused upon completing.

A -3 or so per LR isn't bad at all, especially if you master LG's as everyone pretty much should. RC is hard, yeah, but LR is half the test. Do those things and you'll knock SOME time off, guaranteed.

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