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Re: The Restroom

Postby LockBox » Fri May 27, 2011 12:49 pm

incontinentia wrote:The first three sections of the LSAT take 1:45, and I've heard that the preliminary stuff before the test starts can take from 30 minutes or so to well over an hour. There is no way I can sit for 3 hours or more in the afternoon without needing to visit the restroom badly.

Questions: (1) Do LSAT proctors commonly let people take restroom breaks after they have entered the room, but before the first section starts? (2) Do they let people take breaks near the end of a section - i.e., with only 3-4 minutes remaining?

Some previous posts here reported proctors allowing (1), but made it sound like that was unusual.

For the sake of helping fellow TLSers i'll note my experience. I believe LSAT/LSAC policies stipulate (too lazy to look for it now) that once you are checked into your room you will NOT be allowed to leave UNTIL the 1st section has begun. So, regardless of whether everyone has arrived, still in the process of checking in/going through instructions we were told (correctly) that no one can leave until after the beginning of the exam.

I was fortunate where as I checked into the main building, then went to the bathroom before entering my specific testing classroom. I'm not sure if the others are accurately stating their experience with proctors letting them out before the test begins, but I would believe this to be in violation of stated policy.


Rest break. A 15-minute break is given after Section III. All test materials will be collected before examinees are dismissed for the break. Test takers may not leave the vicinity of the testing room, as defined by the test supervisor. Supervisors will check identification as the test materials are returned. Cell phones and other prohibited items may not be accessed during the break.

Leaving the room. If you find it necessary to leave the room during the test, raise your hand and obtain permission from the supervisor. Your test materials will be collected and held until your return. You will not be permitted to make up the time. Use the restroom before reporting to the check-in station; once checked in, you will not be permitted to leave until after the start of Section I.

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