PrepTest 38 Logical Reasoning Questions Thread

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PrepTest 38 Logical Reasoning Questions Thread

Postby secretad » Thu May 19, 2011 11:53 pm

I would like to go over Section 4, #9, the problem with the plastic recycling. This is a resolve the paradox EXCEPT kind of question stem.

I totally agree that A helps to explain the low rate of plastics being recycled (6.5%) vs glass at 33%.

However, the rest of the answers I cannot eliminate. The correct answer is (C): The manufacture of new plastic depletes oil reserves, whereas the manufacture of new glass uses renewable resources.

I assume this does not help explain the percentages because this answer choice is about manufacturing these two items and not about the recycling of them?

Also, how does (E) explain it because if it is true that plastic polymers tend to break down during the recycling process and weaken the resulting product, so....? You may have a weaker product but it is still a recycled product. This is why I chose (E) as not explaining the percentages.

Thanks so much guys. I always appreciate it.

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Re: PrepTest 38 Logical Reasoning Questions Thread

Postby pkrtbx » Sat May 21, 2011 1:37 am

Just took PT 38 yesterday.

Like you said, A) explains the higher rate of glass recycling pretty obviously.
You can eliminate B) because the fact that glass containers are more easily recycled together than plastic containers means that plastic is less efficient to recycle than glass which would explain the paradox.
You can eliminate D) because the fact that plastic cannot be heated enough to sterilize (while glass can be) is another factor that would make recycling plastic less efficient than recycling glass and explain the paradox.
You can eliminate E) because the fact that recycled plastic tends to be weaker is another reason why it would be recycled less than glass, which does not break down in the recycling process.

C) is correct because it addresses the manufacture of NEW plastic and NEW glass, which has nothing to do with recycling and does not help explain the paradox about the relative rates of recycling in the stimulus.

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