Preparation for Logic Games

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Preparation for Logic Games

Postby lsatprepguy » Wed May 18, 2011 8:15 pm


So I took my diagnostic and got a 157. Did terrible on the LG, so I plan on spending a decent amount of time prepping for this section.

I am using the LG Bible: I have read on this site that I should take each game type and drill the games individually until I have mastered that game type.
My concern is that if I categorize all of the games by game type, and then do them individually, I will remember them when I actually go back and take "Full length prep test." I have purchased nearly every prep test available to this point, so I have plenty of tests.

anyways, the real question
Do you think that going through the games individually will bias my results towards the end of my study when I do full length tests? or is it HIGHLY likely that I will forget everything and will not remember the material when I go back and take the tests?
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Re: Preparation for Logic Games

Postby tmon » Wed May 18, 2011 8:26 pm

Do early tests' games. Those tend to be more difficult and better practice anyways.

I used only the games before 40 because I wanted to reserve 40+ for full tests. In two months, after about 100 games done three times each, and then a few full tests, I was consistently at -0. Don't hesitate to redo your practice games. Like I said, I did each three times (at least), usually after only 24 hours of "rest." I certainly remembered a lot about the game I was doing, but I forced myself to find the most efficient solution and go through all the steps necessary to get the right answer.

If you do tests with games you've seen before you may be biased, but I've found that a month or so separation more or less erases the specifics from my mind and I need to do the game in full without knowing much about it anyways.

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