Where can I buy the recent preptests?

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Where can I buy the recent preptests?

Postby Cartman » Wed May 18, 2011 3:02 pm

Hello fellow TLS'ers,

I've been doing a few of the older PT's from the "book" series, but I need to look at some more recent tests, as I've heard that the RC is getting harder (or at least more dense) and I really should just be using the newer preptests anyways.

Is there a good website where I can buy the tests? I've heard that you can only buy them individually and that they're like $8 bucks each, but that's fine. Also, is there a site where you can buy them and print them out? I'd rather not wait for them to ship, as it's coming down to the wire.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Where can I buy the recent preptests?

Postby 99.9luft » Wed May 18, 2011 3:06 pm

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