LSAT for Dummies LGs are real LSAC LGs

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LSAT for Dummies LGs are real LSAC LGs

Postby jim-green » Tue May 17, 2011 1:53 pm

I thought I was doing well on LG redo when I repeated old games. But yesterday, I borrowed the book LSAT for Dummies by Amy Blackwell from the library. The book has actual LSAT games with the variables and settings changed. E.g., birds in a forest changed to kids at a party. The games are bloody difficult! I could not finish even 1 section!
So it may be that while doing well on LG section redo, I am subconsciously remembering too much. In reality, I may not have improved on LGs at all.
Any thoughts? has anyone read this book and tried the LGs? Could it be that the language of the stimulus is harder than LSAT scenarios?
This looks like a good way to test your actual level of ability on a *new* LG section.

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