PT 36: Section 3, LR, #19 Turnips and Potatoes Question

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PT 36: Section 3, LR, #19 Turnips and Potatoes Question

Postby secretad » Mon May 16, 2011 11:21 pm

I diagram that flaw as this:

Premise 1: LT and ~LP

Premise 2: P--->Tasteless (Plays no role in this question)

Conclusion: ~[P ---> T]

The conclusion is flawed because it should be the should be... ~[T ---> P]

So I am going into the answer choices with this flaw in mind.

I see answer choice (A) and am intrigued.

A) ~Paperback and Expensive
So the conclusion should be... ~[E ---> P]
So I would expect this answer choice, if it were correct to say ~[P ---> E]

But the conclusion in this answer choice says....~[some P---> E]

Is the only reason why this one is incorrect because of the word some?

I totally understand that B is identical to the flaw in the stimulus, but the reason for A being wrong eludes me if it is for another reason than the some issue.

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