Am I ready?

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Am I ready?

Postby *Ari* » Sat May 14, 2011 6:27 pm

My goal is to hit 160-161 on the test. I am currently set to take the test in June.

My past three test scores have been: 162, 161, and a 157.

Everything has been relatively consistent, except for the last test. There was a circular ordering game that completely fucked with me and ended up leading to a -14 overall on LG.

I plan on continuing to hit the books hard till test day. Probably 2-3 tests per week on average and drilling logic games to ensure that that doesn't occur again.

I took the test in February and ended up with a 156. But, I definitely want to ensure I do better this time.

Any suggestions for the remaining period of the month is appreciated. My plan will be to take tests + review + drill logic games that are -3 or more at least three times.

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Re: Am I ready?

Postby 99.9luft » Sat May 14, 2011 11:11 pm

Don't think you're ready. Even if you want a 161 on the test, your practice test average should be a couple of points higher (~165). Aim for October.

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Re: Am I ready?

Postby Jeffort » Sun May 15, 2011 11:59 am

99.9luft, I disagree!

*Ari*, if your recent timed scores are legit, meaning you honestly kept yourself obedient to the rules & conditions you will face on test day and used recent PrepTests you had never seen before, it sounds like you are getting into the proper "LSAT groove" to be able to accomplish your goal on the June administration.

Since you are close to your goal, started preparing months ago to take the February 2011 test, have 3 more weeks to practice, study, review and drill into your current weaknesses, it would be silly to stop now and lose the momentum you have built up.

If you chicken out now and postpone until the October test you will either have to figure out a way to keep the momentum/study routine going for another 4 months -risking burnout-, or have to jump start your motivation to get it all going again after taking a break from your LSAT preparation regimen over the summer. There are many additional frustrating LSAT prep and law school admissions issues you will face if you decide to wimp out on taking the June test now.

Since LSAC made an important deadline change TWO DAYS ago (See: ... 6&t=155465 ), you are no longer locked into having something show up on your CAS LSAT score report (absence, cancelled score, a bad score) as long as you determine by the night before the test you are not prepared to take it. You can now withdraw your test day registration up to midnight EST the day before the test online and nothing will appear on the reports about it that the LS's you apply to get to see!!!!

Basically, keep going with a good practice, study and review routine for 3 more weeks. If by the day before the test you don't believe your are prepared to achieve a score that would satisfy your goal, you can just go online and withdraw your registration to take the June LSAT and register to take it later without schools you apply to being informed about it.

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