What to do when 5 minutes remaining is called

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Which of the following do you do/recommend?

Continue as normal(accuracy withstanding)
Rush the pace(sacrifice a little accuracy)
Go to the longer 2 for 1 question variety
Go the shortest questions possible
Go to the question type must comfortable with(flaw/assumption etc.)
Skip parallell reasoning
Skip longer questions
Panic and answer all Es
Other(explain below)
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Re: What to do when 5 minutes remaining is called

Postby angua » Wed May 11, 2011 6:30 pm

leapincamelleopard wrote:I would fill a bubble for each answer ('select all E's") so that I had an answer for every question then go back and continue as normal- erasing and replacing the answers. I found this helped with my nerves because no matter what happened at least the bubbles were filled in with something and I didn't have to keep watching the clock to scribble in some bubbles at the last second.



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Re: What to do when 5 minutes remaining is called

Postby minnesotasam » Wed May 11, 2011 6:40 pm

thecynic69 wrote:
minnesotasam wrote:
thecynic69 wrote:In short, the question stem gives you an insane amount of information, and to jump into the stimulus blind is just an awful, awful, terrible idea. I cannot stress it enough--reading the stimulus first is as stupid as reading the answer choices first. :evil:

Yeah, this is just awful, awful posting. The test prep companies with the best reputations typically teach exactly what you think is so unconscionable and with good reason. That being said, I'm not one to denounce either method because the answer is almost certainly to do what works best for you and both methods have their advantages.

No, THIS is just awful posting. See, my post came with an argument, and examples. Your post came with "These popular fellas over here teach X, therefore X must be right."

Nope, that's not what I said at all. Maybe if I had given you a stem to read first you would've understood the content of my stimulus better :D

I, too, have taken the LSAT. It turned out very well for me, despite muddling along with my obviously inferior method of reading the stimulus first. I always find it amusing when people allow their individual experiences compromise their ability to critically think. I don't need to detail all of the reasons that reading the stimulus first is advantageous in certain ways, they're very widely known and self-evident. Again, I'm not asserting the superiority of one method over another, whatever feels most comfortable for you OP.

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Re: What to do when 5 minutes remaining is called

Postby lakers3peat » Wed May 11, 2011 7:06 pm

Thanks guys. I'm going to give the question stem reading a shot on this practice test I'm about to take and i'll update you with how I felt after taking it...

In the end, I will likely go with a hybrid approach--reading the stimulus before the stem then if I end up pressed for time, I'll quickly scan the stems of the remaining questions(this can't take more then like 10 seconds lol) and hope for a main point question.

I think we can all agree that main point questions are generally easier to answer then other question types right? I mean sure you have your occasional doosy but for the most part they are no big deal. Although it rarely happens, I think maybe once or twice ever, I ended up guessing on the last couple questions and one of them was a main point question that during my "overtime period" took me 30 seconds to solve which would have been an extra point and a jump in the percentile scale lol. Btw, "overtime" is the term I use for after my timer goes off and I've finished bubbling in my guesses then rather then just jump to the answer key and see what I got wrong, I at least take the time to try to solve the questions I didn't get to so that I don't burn through a question for no reason.

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