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Columbus, OH - Kaplan Test Prep Materials - Free

Postby TommyK » Fri May 06, 2011 1:48 pm

Not sure if there's really a market for this even at the very reasonable price of "Free", but I have some materials that were partially used from my Kaplan course I took in 2010. I'm cleaning out my condo and I'd hate for any remaining value in the materials to go to waste.

I have a logic games book, reading comp book, and logical reasoning book. I'd say about 3/4 of the logic games book is probably completely unusable, almost all of the reading comp book is untouched, and about half of the LR book would be of value. I also have a book of previous tests - of which probably 2/3 of the tests are still usable. IIRC, I also have a book specifically for the "stratosphere students", which is probably just a collection of the most difficult question types for students who are scoring 164+ (I never used it really because I was focused on taking tests in their entirety so that should be fairly mint condition.)

Kaplan gets a lot of flak, so just to be clear - these are not the commercially available books in which they try to provide questions that are similar to test questions; they're previous test questions and previously administered tests. Anywho - I found the books to be useful... went from 153 to 167, largely in part to self-study.

So, if you're in Columbus and are available to drive out to pick them up, shoot me a PM and they're yours.

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