pt 34 section 2 #5

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pt 34 section 2 #5

Postby aalquiso » Wed May 04, 2011 7:17 pm

hey guys, I am just completely confused by this question. I rarely get stuck like this but I cannot figure out why the right answer is right. I searched for a review of this question but I didn't find it on here or on manhattan's lsat answer forum.

The stimulus is:
Many elementary schools have recently offered computer-assisted educational programs. Student's reactions after several years have been decidedly mixed. Whereas students have found computers very useful in studying arithmetic, they have found them of little help in studying science, and of no help at all with their reading and writing skills.

The question stem asks:
which one of the following, if true, most helps to explain the students' mixed reactions?

the correct answer is (B) which states:
of the disciplines and skills mentioned, the exactness of arithmetic makes it most suitable to computer assisted education.

okay, so arithmetic is most suitable for computers, but how does that explain the mixed reactions? To me, this would only explain positive reactions from people who used the programs for arithmetic, nothing else. i feel like this answer choice is incomplete because it only accounts for one side of the mixed reactions.

my pre-phrased answer was something like: "some students used computer assisted programs only for arithmetic while others used them only for reading and writing skills" which to me would result in mixed reactions.

I chose answer choice (E) which states:
"The elementary schools have offered more computer-assisted programs in reading and witing than in arithmetic and science"
Although not the ideal answer, I would think that because they have offered programs that are of no help to students and that are helpful to students this could result in mixed reactions.

I'm completely lost at this point so any helpful would be REALLY appreciated. thanks.

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Re: pt 34 section 2 #5

Postby nodrog » Wed May 04, 2011 8:20 pm

OK. It appears you're getting tripped over the use of "mixed reactions".

Every student has used computers for every subject mentioned; arithmetic, science, reading, and writing.
The students have had mixed reactions for computer use as a whole, Positive for arithmetic and not positive for any other subject.

B) if arithmetic is most suitable to computer assisted education, then by default every other other subject mentioned is less suitable for computer assisted education. Meaning you'd expect students have favorable reviews of using computers for arithmetic, and less favorable reviews for the other subjects.

E) They offer more programs for the subjects that students don't find helpful? Seems like an opposite answer.

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