Trouble with LR? This may help you!

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Trouble with LR? This may help you!

Postby mac35352 » Tue Apr 12, 2011 11:51 pm

Hey there!
For those of us having trouble with LR: Two things that are helping me immensely.
First: go over the SuperPrep and all the answer explanations. The ones you get wrong or don't understand and the ones you get right as well. They provide excellent advice and point out errors in reasoning.
Second: You have to get good before you get fast. I read this on a thread here and it makes sense but it's hard to put in practice when you know you must be accurate and fast.
If you are doing this already disregard my advice, but if you are not give it a try.
I am taking LR sections untimed without guessing any questions or immediately looking at the answer key when I don't know the answer. This is forcing me to analyse the stimulus and the answers to the point that I understand it. I realized that reviewing my PT after taking it helps but if I already know what I got wrong I see the question with different eyes.
I was making many mistakes even untimed but started to get -0 -1 -2 untimed which is huge for me because I would always miss almost as many questions untimed as I did timed. I must warn you, this is draining and timed consuming. I over did it today, got a stupid question wrong and couldn't think straight anymore.
I still take one timed section a week but mainly to get used to the time constrains. I do the so called SOS method when timed.
Last week I had my first -3 and -2 on LR on a timed preptest. Analysing the questions is helping me see the patterns many of you talk about.
Hope this helps.

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