December 2010 LSAT - Section 1, #10

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December 2010 LSAT - Section 1, #10

Postby noleknight16 » Mon Apr 11, 2011 3:29 pm

I am not understanding why "However, the additional space will more likely be used for more passenger seating" is the conclusion of the argument. When rewording the structure of the argument with the credited response, it does make sense but however is completely throwing me off. However indicates to me a counter-premise and therefore not the conclusion.

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Re: December 2010 LSAT - Section 1, #10

Postby SanDiegoJake » Tue Apr 12, 2011 5:26 pm

This is actually quite common. The purpose of a significant number of arguments is to Disagree with a Position. These arguments typically start by saying that, "Most people believe" or "It is commonly believed", and the conclusion is that those people are wrong. This is especially common for questions in which you are asked for the conclusion of the argument. This argument is not one of those "Disagree with a position" arguments, but it dos address how a "however" can be a conclusion.

Further, one common kind of conclusion is a prediction into the future. If any argument makes a prediction into the future "will more likely be used", that prediction is likely the conclusion of the argument. Other common conclusions are recommendations ("should"), value judgments ("It is good") and solutions to some stated problem.

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