How has the LG section changed over time?

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How has the LG section changed over time?

Postby justbubbles » Sun Apr 03, 2011 9:58 pm

Taking from the reading comp question thread... thought I'd raise this, in the interest of those of us that care...

LGs on old PTs (ie. PT 30 and below):

* Some obscure formats (ie. circular, advanced linear, etc) stuff that we didn't see in the past 20+ PTs

LGs on newer PTs (ie. PT 31 and above):

* More sequencing, grouping, etc. formats;
* Slightly easier (some exceptions of course such as Dinosaur game);
* Rule substitution questions;



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Re: How has the LG section changed over time?

Postby youknowryan » Tue Apr 05, 2011 12:12 pm

The REALLY old games (1-18) were often the weird types, and they generally were pretty balanced sections. Once in a a while there would be one game that was much easier/harder, but most of the time the games were within a specific band of difficulty. From 19-39, balanced section became a less common. The best example is PT 31: The locker and inspection games are SUPER easy. The catch is the CD game is crazy hard and the construction game has a unusual SU which will catch many people off guard. I have taken a couple of sections from the 40 and they are much more like the early games in that the games are within a predictable range. I have NOT taken any 50s or 60s and cannot comment from personal experience. (I have heard that the games are generally more difficult than the 40s, but operate within a difficulty range like earlier sections, and save for dinos, there is nothing like the difficult games from 19-38.)

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