New 10 LSAT book

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Re: New 10 LSAT book

Postby gaud » Fri Apr 01, 2011 7:10 pm

lsapplicant07 wrote:I purchased this from LSAC on 27 March, it shipped on 28 March and arrived today. I can't speak to typos in the first edition but can say that they redesigned the cover with a snazzy new look that I consider a substantial departure from the rest of the series (for those of you who get excited about such things).

+1; I thought it was awesome lol

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Re: New 10 LSAT book

Postby nshapkar » Sun Apr 03, 2011 11:34 am

Underdog180 wrote:
Jeffort wrote:
polevaulter wrote:
Jeffort wrote:If you order now you can claim that you got a 1st edition 1st printing run copy!

That has to be the nerdiest comment I have ever seen on this forum--no offense.


No offense taken. When you stay in the LSAT prep biz for a long time certain trivial things become exciting for nostalgia, especially when they involve mistakes LSAC made that slipped by for a while.

I still have an old version of one of the '10 books' that contains an LR question which was removed from scoring/reproductions of the PT after scores were released and it had originally been disclosed as a PrepTest because the question was determined to be flawed at some point after score release for the administration. The later copies of that PT in LSAC publications just say "Item removed from scoring" in its place in the section and an * in place of TCR in the answer key plus a footnote, but my copy has the full text of the question and its at administration time TCR letter choice included in the answer key with it factored into the scoring scale!

Also, my copy of the first edition of SuperPrep has some errors that were fixed in later printings of it.

But yeah, makes me super LSAT nerdy. :oops:

Does this mean we shouldn't buy this new 10 LSAT book because since it's the first copies it'll have some errors?

No, you should still buy it. They just included omitted questions in previous "10 LSATs" which there really aren't that many to begin with.

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