How to balance social life and the LSAT

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Re: How to balance social life and the LSAT

Postby thecilent » Mon Mar 14, 2011 12:20 pm

Tabemaju wrote:There's a difference between "a social life" and going to parties / weekend events / getting drunk. Many people, unfortunately, don't know the difference between the two, but this is oftentimes an age factor. I say this because I'm able to manage 18 semester credits, 3-4 hours of LSAT studying a day, and spend time with my wife and daughter without too much juggling. I rarely drink the day prior to a day I'm planning on studying, but I'll give myself a day off per week. You don't need to "cut down on the social life," you just need to change your perception of what a social life looks like. I can't feel sad for someone that has difficulty studying because of a hangover, that just tells me you aren't responsible. If I can put 50 hours into school and 25 hours into LSAT per week and still manage my social life, I'm fairly certain anyone else can. Hell, on most days I'm able to spend 4-5 hours with my family / friends and still manage my rigorous schedule.

I don't want to preach, because I think that, in moderation, drinking is fine, but when I stopped getting drunk every weekend my productivity went through the roof. To me, it seems as though your problems aren't simply balancing studying and social life, but balancing your priorities. If there's any time in your life to buckle down and be responsible, it would be before law school.

You're not realizing that a social life for an undergrad trying to have fun is different than your social life of spending time with your family. The former can be much more taxing (and fun).

I've been in a position before where I knew I had to study or get up early to do something, went out the night before, planned to not make it too late of a night, but then end up drinking till 3 with some hot chicks, sleeping with one of them,not going to bed til 5ish or so, and then have a very unproductive next day.

OP just needs to man up and make sure he has designated time-slots to study in. That's what I did. I would take my practice tests in the mornings before I had class during the week, and on weekends only do a couple timed sections each day.

I'll say it again, though, the fact that you need help with this is not a good thing.

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Re: How to balance social life and the LSAT

Postby mac35352 » Mon Mar 14, 2011 12:58 pm

In response to the last posts.
I don't want/need people feeling sad for me. I am responsible of my actions and consequences. if I don't study enough and ruin the June test for myself it will only affect me and you feeling bad for me won't help.
Regarding the not drinking part, this is obviously true. If you don't drink you are more productive and I need to study efficiently. That's why I already said that in another post.
I don't consider myself irresponsible at all since I work, pay for tuition and support myself while maintaining straight As. That is why I come to the realization that since I only have a few months to study for the LSAT I need to manage my time wisely and need to cut down not only the going out but committing to do things for others like helping with papers, helping my aunt move, helping my bosses friend, etc.
Well, thanks for the advise.

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Re: How to balance social life and the LSAT

Postby TommyK » Mon Mar 14, 2011 1:38 pm

FWIW, I never meant to imply you were irresponsible. I was simply replying to the people who said it was impossible to have a social life and study for the LSAT, which I think is absolutely ridiculous.

Good luck to OP.

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