Retooling for the Retake! Strategies & Success Stories ...

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Retooling for the Retake! Strategies & Success Stories ...

Postby Barack O'Clinton » Sun Jan 09, 2011 2:42 am

Hello All,

Seems like a lot of people are reeling after the "shellacking" on Dec. 11th lol ... I too have spent my time moping, agonizing, cursing the LSAT Gods and fretting over the impending score. I had a great holidays, put things it perspective and finally got the score back. NO MORE TIME FOR DISCOURAGEMENT. It is time to retool ... I'm planning to retake in June

Ultimately, I improved 7 points from my 150 diagnostic despite a tough December test. I took exactly 20 PTs leading up to the 11th, but surprisingly I started seeing myself start to do good things, thing's I hadn't done in months, going into the last 5 or so tests (i.e. - finishing RC & Games sections). This makes me believe that I have not hit my ceiling. I have read some people make their huge gains after 30 or more PTs. This is my first attempt, and seeing as how I only have taken 20, I'm not ready to go quietly into Tier 3 in the current legal market lol

Who is retaking? How are you doing it? If you've retaken how did you do it? I'd really like people to comment on how they used their remaining test material. Did you reuse PTs?

(I used PTs 30-51 as full length tests. Threw in 2 superpreps. Used PTs from "10 Actual Official ..." & "10 More Actual Official" as drilling material. So really I've used up about 2/3s of the material in one way or another.) ----> How would you guys suggest retaking given the confines of my "Prep Material Deficiency?"

Also, I'd love to hear about techniques you have/intend to change. For instance, I need to drastically improve the way I review a prep-test. I am going to more strictly adhere to advice calling for writing out explanations of right and wrong answers. Also, I think I need a prep schedule change. I think I may have burnt out leading up to the test, as I was doing Games + timed LR/RC sections everyday in between tests. I hardly ever took a break during the weeks I was consistently prepping. I think I'll scale it back and pick a section to work on each day.

Let me know your experience with these two issues of reusing PTs and technique changes that helped increase score!

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