June 2011 Study Plan in Full Swing-Need Advice

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June 2011 Study Plan in Full Swing-Need Advice

Postby accuratesite2020 » Wed Jan 05, 2011 3:35 am

I have appreciated the tremendous help I have received on here thus far. Here is my current situation and hopefully someone can help. I took the Kaplan course Oct.17-Dec.1. My score has risen signficantly from a 137 to a 152. I took 4 practice tests with Kaplan and have since taken 4 tests on my own. I was gearing to do the following for January:

-2 PTs a week w/ review of wrong/write answers. Question Type review untimed to shore up skills.

Question is: Should I focus solely now on building my accuracy in LR. My last 4 PTS I have gotten anywere from -7 on a good day to -15 on a horrible day, being today. After reviewing, I do see where I go wrong and how the correct answer does scream out. I do not want to continue doing timed after timed test if my LR acumen is still weak.

My endurance has naturally gotten a little better, but I do not want to waste time testing if my skills aren't sharpened.

Also, Logic Games are still my thorn. I have spent the last few weeks getting through the LGB and started the ATLAS book. I've gotten spooked on games (grouping/hybrids) where I cannot shore up the inferences fast enough and I end up bombing these sections at -13 and -10. Again, is timing the wise choice at this point. I feel like I am better to go untimed on all games in the LGB a few times and then start doing sections again.


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Re: June 2011 Study Plan in Full Swing-Need Advice

Postby birdlaw117 » Wed Jan 05, 2011 4:45 am

In my opinion, it sounds like you need to work on your accuracy right now. You aren't taking the test until June, so don't worry about timing yet. Right now you need to spend time really cementing how to approach each and every question type into your brain. You have A LOT of time ahead of you. So much so that I wouldn't recommend doing PTs at all for the rest of the month at least. Get the LR Bible and really absorb everything in that LG Bible too. I would recommend going through those from cover to cover. After that, start doing drills with slightly older PTs to start working on timing.

FWIW, I didn't follow any of the advice I just gave you. I did PTs while going through the LG Bible (never actually finished it either). Didn't start on the LR Bible until I was about 15 PTs in. Although, I went through a very rigorous study schedule (30+ PTs in about 60-70 days while taking graduate classes).

You seem very motivated, but another thing to worry about is burning out. If you start taking PTs now there is no way you make it to June without a burnout (or two or three). Work on getting all the concepts down right now, then worry about PTs in a little bit.

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