The Dec 2010 test has so many weird issues

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Re: The Dec 2010 test has so many weird issues

Postby northwood » Wed Dec 22, 2010 5:46 pm

superw wrote:Number 1, it was scheduled on Dec 11th, a week after the normal December day for the past 10 years, Number 2, Scores will probably be released in January, past the time to many applicants want to apply to law school for the next year and still have a reasonable pool of competition and chance of acceptance, especially if you ED, Number 3, it had a ridiculously challenging LG, Number 4, it had a fishy approach to reading comprehension, Number 5, it was administered during a time when lots of people are going back to school so the applicant pool is going to be nutty which leads me to my Number 6, the curve, last year's December test had a 3 point higher curve than October's -11, and with all these other factors no one knows how high this curve could be, or low for that matter...were the other sections easier than usual or were many test takers just not prepared for those LG?

Many questions, little answers

go get some tissues....

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