Theory of the LSAT: Question Ordering (all sections)

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Theory of the LSAT: Question Ordering (all sections)

Postby akikaze » Mon Dec 13, 2010 1:57 am

Has anyone noticed that the ordering of the LG and RC sections has now been joined by the LR sections in heavily impacting overall performance? On October's test, the LG were ordered in such a way that if you didn't make the important deductions in the middle games, you couldn't even get through to the last game with enough time. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the same thing happened on this exam! If you couldn't get through stained glass, you wouldn't have been able to get the gimmie questions at the very end in a regular linear ordering game. This is also regularly the case in RC, with the difficult passages earlier and the passages with the most questions coming last. (I didn't have enough time for Jewett, but skimmed it and was shocked by how easy some of the questions were for such a daunting passage.)

I would also note that there was an unusually high number of extremely tricky questions in the early/middle parts of this test's LR sections, with a number of simple questions at at the very end in one section. Like 22-26 were just no-brainers i thought.

All in all, LSAC looks like it's making it much harder to get the "easy" points across the LSAT if you didn't get the hard ones in a timely manner. I keep hearing from lawyer friends that both law school and the practice of law also require that one learn to do 100% of everything competently rather than execute 80% of a task perfectly -- perhaps LSAC is attempting to test that skill?

P.S. I realize that the ordering changes from test form to test form, but this seems to be the case for the majority of us in in LG and RC.


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Re: Theory of the LSAT: Question Ordering (all sections)

Postby ren2011 » Mon Dec 13, 2010 2:52 am

Interesting theory. I definitely saw this trend on the Dec LR sections; I looked at question 1 in one of the sections and was surprised I couldn't answer it in .0003 seconds.

The reasons for the trend you've listed could be true, but I dunno...

I used Princeton Review test prep, and they encourage you to skip around on every section. So even if LSAC is putting easier games, passages, LR questions at the end, those of us who order our work based on question difficulty get to the easy questions anyway. Like, I've never been able to get 4 full games done (luckily, my other sections are fine, so guessing on a few in AR never matters too much). I always flip through and answer the easier games first. For Saturday's exam, I went right to the fourth game and finished it without incident. So you don't really have to get through the hard questions in a timely manner no matter where they're placed.

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