Second retake study plan??

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Second retake study plan??

Postby CurlyKat » Sun Dec 12, 2010 6:19 pm

So after yesterday I am pretty sure I will be retaking again in February. Need to focus on improving RC and, apparently, LG. I will work on LR, too, because even though I'm somewhat confident about the section, there are some types of questions that can go either way when I'm rushing. Usually I can finish 24 questions only. Read LGB and LRB, Atlas RC and about a half of Atlas LR and already took most PTs (not all as tests, but rather as sections drills, question type drills, untimed practice at the beginning of the prep etc.), about 15 of them twice or more times. The only PTs I haven't done yet are: Superprep C, 57, 34 and 1-7, but got a book with LR questions from 1-20 and also have some or maybe all of the games from these. Any suggestions for a study plan/strategy would be very very welcome.
So far, I am thinking:
will follow the Atlas curriculum for self study (started for the first retake but only completed about a half, because of limited time)
read the Economist for RC practice,
do each and every game, take the ones that I find difficult several times
do each and every RC passage, re-read the RC guide and try to work on my 'strategy'
LR question types drills
all tests I have left, one a week
one week of doing one PT a day (read this in somebody's 'how I got 180' guide)
also still have a free online tutoring hour from Atlas guides, so I think I will use that

Any suggestions?? Any help would be very much appreciated!

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Re: Second retake study plan??

Postby Ragged » Sun Dec 12, 2010 6:25 pm

Salve, fellow three time taker. Your plan sounds decent enough. After you do all that you should devote sometime to practicing timing. I would shoot for finishing sections 2-3 minutes early, to do that trying setting your clock for 33 minutes instead of 35. Of course only do that when you feel you have mastered the areas you feel you are weak at.

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