I know its overdone but...should I cancel Dec 2010??

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I know its overdone but...should I cancel Dec 2010??

Postby bubbles87 » Sat Dec 11, 2010 9:04 pm

hey, this is my first post..so go easy on me.
i canceled my first LSAT in September of 2009. i simply had not prepared enough to take it and missed the date to postpone. i had taken a class but had not taken it seriously at all...(i didn't do any practice tests or homework). i took a class before this LSAT and took almost all the practice tests it offered..(around 12)...i also did most of the homework. i scored anywhere between 157-168 on the practice tests. today i took the december test and all was going well until the LG section that was scored. i def let it get to my head and did not think clearly. i know that i could have done MUCH better as most of my answers were guesses. i really would like to score somewhere in the high 160's to low 170's. i don't think that i achieved that score on this test. im also thinking that i may have even hit the 150 range.

so is it better to cancel? and have 2 canceled scores? and then re-take it in Feb or June....or is it better to let it be and see what i get (which is potentially LOW) and then take it again if need be?

i kind of need my addendum for my grades though. i got a 3.65 (LSAC adjusted)(...is really a 3.74). i got a couple terrible grades my freshmen year and then all A's (one B) the rest of my time in college.

should i cancel? in my heart it feels like i should but i dont want my addendum to be full of excuses...you know?

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Re: I know its overdone but...should I cancel Dec 2010??

Postby 2014 » Sat Dec 11, 2010 9:09 pm

I know it isn't what you want to hear, but you need to adjust your expectations.
If your PT range is 157-168, then going in expecting 168-172 (High 160's to low 170's) is extremely unlikely.

Also, schools that you will be looking at throughout your PT range are not going to be as concerned if you have to retake a 3rd time as they probably will be if you cancel your first two tries and look like a flake who can't commit to a score.

Basically unless you think that realistically you can get to 172 and target NYU, and that would take a lot more effort to hike your PT range up to 174-176, then take the score and see where you stand imo.

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