First LSAT experience Holly Hell... Cancel?

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First LSAT experience Holly Hell... Cancel?

Postby flannelman » Sat Dec 11, 2010 8:13 pm

Wow that was pretty rough. I was feeling pretty good until I hit the one two RC punch of Dental fiber hell, and show me anything but the author of Women's fiction passage. And it would all be ok if the real games were the first half of the test I was taking (which I aced). Naturally that was exp, and instead I now want to break a stained glass window over my face. I made a small error diagramming a rule and didn't realize it until halfway through the game (when it was too late). But it may not have affected me to bad overall I can't really be sure. So for a first timer. To cancel or not to cancel?

It seemed to me like this was a pretty hard test overall so the curve should be pretty good, and that one game could go either way. Its rolling the dice. Sort of high risk high reward maybe but I'm not real sure of just how high the risk. How bad is a cancel vs a lower first score than I want... ? And does anyone have any thoughts on hanging in for a score on an overall more difficult test vs a easier test if my goal number was in the low 160 range. Any advice/thoughts here would be much appreciated!


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Re: First LSAT experience Holly Hell... Cancel?

Postby NYCcops » Sat Dec 11, 2010 8:13 pm

don't cancel man. the curve is going to be big.

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