How do you review your pts?

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How do you review your pts?

Postby XtraordinaryMachine » Fri Dec 10, 2010 6:17 pm

Am getting in high gear for Feb exam, and want to know the most effective way to review pt--currently, i'm marking the ones i get wrong, going back/erasing them, and trying the problem again while reasoning why its wrong/right.


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Re: How do you review your pts?

Postby autobanh » Fri Dec 10, 2010 7:42 pm

I'm not sure if mine works exactly same with yours. For me, the best way was to review the PT without marking/grading it. (After doing a timed PT with an answer sheet marked in time.) It's basically going all the way back to the first page without ever looking at the answer key. Then I would make sure that each answer was indeed the best choice I made for a clear reason, and that the rest four choices were crossed out for clear reasons as well. When I needed to make some changes to my answers, I marked them on the pratice test pages instead of on the answer sheet I used, so that I can see the scores of both a timed practice test and an untimed/reviewed practice test with changed made afterwards. When the process is over, I marked it with the answer key and see why I got them wrong.

The reasons it worked best among other ways of review were: 1) In a timed practice, there were always some questions where I was running out of time and had to make a hesitant guess between two choices. If you grade your PT right after you're done with it and review only your wrong answers, you're at the risk of overlooking questions you got right with luck. By making sure that you have clear reasons for every choice you made, you can maximize the effect of reviewing the PT with the answer key. 2) It helps you remember why you chose that answer; if you review your wrong answers knowing the answer key, you may focus only on why the answer key is correct in the context of the question, instead of why you chose the other answer in the first place. By knowing both why/how you made a wrong choice and why the correct answer is indeed correct, you can minimize your chance of making same mistakes later on in different PTs.

It will take some additional time and efforts after you are already exhausted doing your timed PT, but once you get used to it, it will work well. it There may be other better ways, but I think this one worked best for me. Good luck!

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