PT 61 RC passage 4

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PT 61 RC passage 4

Postby wjun15 » Tue Dec 07, 2010 9:13 pm

Can someone go over what the main point of this passage is?

I dont get the last paragraph...It says that black historians were engaging in nation building (national) but earlier it says they adopted a transnational perspective?

i dont know why people say PT61 RC was a breeze...I thought it was more difficult than ones in the 50s


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Re: PT 61 RC passage 4

Postby superhands » Tue Dec 07, 2010 11:30 pm

The passage doesn't say that they were involved in nation building in the literal sense. Through their transnational approach to history they focused on their African past. This focus on Africa helped to cultivate the idea that all black people shared a similar past and were members of one large "diaporic" nation. Thus, as the author of the passage states, their transnational perspective was arguably nationalistic.


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Re: PT 61 RC passage 4

Postby krad » Tue Dec 07, 2010 11:43 pm

F that passage!! It's the onlyyy thing that stood between me and a 171.

Good luck, I'm sure others can offer more constructive advice.

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Re: PT 61 RC passage 4

Postby niederbomb » Wed Dec 08, 2010 9:46 am

The main point of the passage is that African-American nationalists developed a transnational historiography in contrast to the pure nation-state nationalist historiography of American and European historians, even though the African-American historians weren't entirely free from the influences of a different kind of nationalism.


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Re: PT 61 RC passage 4

Postby xqhp82 » Wed Dec 08, 2010 6:25 pm

Can someone explain #23 of this passage please? I'm not sure how the approach is shown in the answer choices.

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