PTs 57 + 58

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PTs 57 + 58

Postby 2011Law » Wed Dec 01, 2010 4:57 pm

Anyone else start doing better on LR and RC and worse on LG starting with 57? For 57, games took me 51 min with -2 (Dinos took almost 20 min), and for 58 games took 35 min but with -6. I heard that 59 games was also pretty hard, should I assume 60, 61, and the Dec test to be the same? Do you think the LSAT is moving back to the way it was pre-40s (hard LG, not as hard LR and RC)?

I was really doing so well on LG for a while there *sigh*


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Re: PTs 57 + 58

Postby gambelda » Wed Dec 01, 2010 5:03 pm

I smoked all the games in the 10-30 PT region and most in the 40. These 50 ones you mentions seem more difficult because I think they combine elements of multiple games and often incorporate a law that is tricky after reading 2 very similar but different laws right above it.

Dino's was easy if you jumped to certain conclusions and caught a few inferences....but I agree, I have found these high end 50 exams to be more difficult in relation to LG. Ironically I have found RC to be a bit easier because the topics seem to be more straight forward........and less..........stupid.

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