Best strategy to take when you know you're short on time.

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Best strategy to take when you know you're short on time.

Postby paulshortys10 » Tue Nov 30, 2010 3:33 am

I have 7 pt's left to do , and it seems I'm unable to finish an LR and RC section in time.

I can usually finish 24-25 LR questions in time, and I'm usually over 4 minutes on RC. Obviously I can still somehow improve, but i've come to the conclusion that I will more than likely need some sort of strategy to maximize my score while not finishing my sections.

What do you guys recommend for the those 2 sections?

In LR- I still haven't really learned to move on on a question that's taking me forever, so I usually get stuck on some questions for a while. I can finish the first 10 in about 12 minutes MOST of the time.

In RC- I read the passages quickly enough, I just take a long time on the questions. Sometimes i can eliminate answers quickly, but get stuck with 2 answers left and deciding which is more correct. I also have a tendency to go back to the passage to check every single detail of every answer choice...which takes time..


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Re: Best strategy to take when you know you're short on time.

Postby flannelman » Tue Nov 30, 2010 4:47 am

I absolutely have the same problem with LR and hope someone has a good suggestion as to how to train to more efficiently move on from hang up questions. This is far more easily said than done for me anyway.

I may have two words of reading comp advice for you however:
When you say you are over on it 4 minutes do you mean that you are allowing yourself to go over the 35 min marker and when you finish the passage your are at 39? First off if that is what you are doing, I would recommend changing the way you take your last 7 pt's. By giving yourself the extra time you are cheating yourself of how you should pace the exam. You need to know for sure where you are likely to be toward the end of the time limit especially if your finding that time is running out.

What I mean is if you gave yourself 35 in to take the RC section how many questions would you have gotten to? would you have had time to read the entire last passage? What were you doing with those 4 extra min? Because if your finding that your only just finishing the passage and the 4 min are strictly spend on questions or something along those lines then I would say start giving yourself some 5 min drills. Figure out how best to answer a passage if you only have 4 or 5 min left. Maybe you just read the first paragraph or the last, or whichever is longest or has the most quoted phrases, and then go straight to the questions and see how many pertain to what you read. and then boom times up. At least you got in 3 more correct answers in the alloted time.

The second thing sounds a bit counterintuitive but has been working for me of late (and I have had similar issues). Try actually slowing yourself down when you read the passage. Really take it in when you read it the first time and try to make it so you never ever have to go back for anything. Sometimes I don't even feel I need to go back to revisit a quoted word or specifically referenced part of a passage in the question because I knew it so well. I used to try to get through it in no longer than 4 min and now Im comfortable giving myself an extra min or so. But use the extra time to your advantage.
It's just like LR, If you spend some extra time figuring out what the stimulus or argument or author of the passage is trying to say (in each paragraph and holistically) then you can fly right by all of the questions for the most part and spend almost no time answering them. Think of it as setting up your base diagram in a logic game... or at least give it a shot.

Ya heard.


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Re: Best strategy to take when you know you're short on time.

Postby gambelda » Tue Nov 30, 2010 8:21 am

I started speed reading RC passages and noting in my head, only what happens in each paragraph of the passage. Started reading passages in about 1.5 minutes and had plenty more time to do questions and refer back. Noticed a relatively large jump. Used to be -8 in RC now -3 or -4 when I'm paying attention. Yesterday I did a -6 because I somehow missed 3 MP questions. I always used to save those for last so I think that's my new problem. Now I will need to do them first.

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Re: Best strategy to take when you know you're short on time.

Postby SilverE2 » Tue Nov 30, 2010 8:31 am

I've never been short on time for reading comp, so I can't help you there, however for logical reasoning...the big thing is if you're too slow, then that means you're not proficient enough with logical reasoning yet. There are no tricks, you just need to get faster and get better. The speed will come once the logical reasoning proficiency comes, and the best way to do that is just do a ton of LR questions. By the way, you mentioned 10 in 10...I focus on 15 in 15. So that gives me 20 for the last 10, which usually gives me 3-4 minutes to go back and review. Once you've seen enough logical reasoning questions, they all really start to sound the same, so you really should be able to solve them in less than a minute, except maybe the ones that have really convoluted logic, or long argument comparison problems. Those usually take me closer to 2 minutes.

I took testmasters, and for me the marker of logical reasoning proficiency was when I naturally stopped using the testmaster "methods" to solve the logical reasoning questions and started to solve them more intuitively. The methods are good to teach you how to think about the problems, but they slow you down big time. Today, I RARELY miss more than 2 or 3 out of the 2 LR sections.

Now if only I could get over my damn LG hangup. Good luck!

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Re: Best strategy to take when you know you're short on time.

Postby MdmMoisel » Tue Nov 30, 2010 8:36 am

Very much agree with OP on RC. I speed read psgs in less than 2 min and finish all 4 of them with -4 or -5 in total. Before this I used to take 4 min to read each psg and always missed a last one, plus few more answers wrong on initial ones.

On LR, if I speed up I run out of time for -3 or -4 qs. but my accuracy is compromised. If I take it slow I run out of time for last 6 questions and my accuracy is not that compromised. But thats a great loss already. In my other posts I asked for suggestions and someone said I need to work on my material as its not timing problem. If I get my materials right, timing will eventually improve. Also, I usually circle qs. that I have to read the stimulus again and move on. That way I can answer easier ones and get points.

LG is yet another story. God help me! Dec LSAT is here finally and am losing hope already..


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Re: Best strategy to take when you know you're short on time.

Postby albanach » Tue Nov 30, 2010 12:47 pm

Accuracy first, then speed. However if you're sitting the exam in December, you're correct you need a strategy.

If you're getting constantly correct answers, you don't want to speed up too quickly and compromise that accuracy.

Have you tried a test where you stick to 35 mins per section? If so what do you score and how does it look against your goal?

If you don't need a 170+ you might want to think about only doing 3 RC sections. Whichever topic (Science, law, diversity, humanities) you're weakest on would probably be the one to skip (though still pick a letter and bubble in answers).

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