175+ PTers: How are you prepping for Dec LSAT?

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175+ PTers: How are you prepping for Dec LSAT?

Postby ack » Mon Nov 15, 2010 4:34 pm

I'm just wondering who else is scoring 175+ on PTs and what you're doing to study for the next few weeks for the December LSAT. I assume more than 1/100 TLSers are in this range, as opposed to the number of overall test takers who score in this range.

My recent timed 4-section PT scores: 175-180

What I've worked on: LGB and LG sections, in order to not miss key inferences and bomb an entire game

What I need to work on: The most difficult LR questions, getting my RC score to stay at a consistent -0/-1, and going from doing old PTs (<2002) to more recent ones. Also, the writing section.

How I'm working on it: I'm taking old PTs by section to practice LR/RC, using tips by voyager and pithypike for RC. When I'm done that, I'll take more recent timed PTs with an added 5th section. I'll do a few practice writing sections as well.

My goal score: 180, of course!

What is everyone else doing? Is there any particular thing that you find brings your score down or do you just miss questions randomly? What are you going to do over the remaining weeks to get the best score you can in December?

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Re: 175+ PTers: How are you prepping for Dec LSAT?

Postby androstan » Mon Nov 15, 2010 4:48 pm

I've done 175+ on a few PTs, but I'm more in the 172 range on average.

I find that what gets me over the hump is logic games. Specifically, if I hesitate a bit on drawing a key inference or two I tend to run out of time and have to guess on 3 or 4. If I can nail the logic games down to -1/-2 I can score around 175. I usually get -0 on RC and LR is between -6 and -2.

I think the key for me is going to be recognizing the hardest logic game after I've set it up and simply moving straight to the next game. This way I get 100% on the 3 easy ones and hopefully getting 3/5 or so on the hardest game. As opposed to slugging through the hardest one, getting 100% on it, but then running out of time on an easy game and having to guess on 3 or 4 that I should have blown through.

LR is just about paying close and careful attention to the nuances of wording in the harder questions. Granting that, you have to kind of have a good instinctive feeling for what the test-makers deem most important because there are often a couple of debatable answers.

I was around 161 diag, practicing games got me nearly to 170 and then cleaning up my LR broke me over 170. I can predict my score on every PT pretty well based on how I felt about LR and whether I timed out on logic games. Usually just based on the latter. Timed out = 170-172. Didn't = 173-176.


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Re: 175+ PTers: How are you prepping for Dec LSAT?

Postby BilderMoss » Mon Nov 15, 2010 5:25 pm

Good topic, I've been kind of wondering this myself.

I see two main weaknesses in my test-taking that I want to combat. Endurance is one. Though I don't usually see it reflected in the score, I do feel a little slower and a little duller on the fifth section. So I've been taking 5 and 6 section practice tests whereas in the past I did 4. I find this to be incredibly annoying however, as I have to get through 4 sections to make it to the fifth or sixth section that may help my endurance, thus anytime I take at test it's 3 hours+. I've also been taking them one after the other (with a short break after 3) and counting all of them.

The other weakness is that I occasionally miss 1 or 2 questions on LG through carelessness or misreading. This actually got me in a big way when I misread a rule on the October test, hence the re-take in December. I really haven't focused on how to attack this problem yet, but I'm going to soon and I may try what you suggested above.

My PT average in the last few weeks (I've only taken a few out of laziness) has been between 178 and 179 so I am really struggling to stay motivated. I would be more than happy to get my PT average, but since that didn't happen in October I feel I have to keep working on it a little.

Feel free to PM me if you want to discuss it further. It sounds like we're in a similar place.

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Re: 175+ PTers: How are you prepping for Dec LSAT?

Postby paulshortys10 » Mon Nov 15, 2010 7:04 pm

how the hell are you guys so good at RC?

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Re: 175+ PTers: How are you prepping for Dec LSAT?

Postby Shooter » Mon Nov 15, 2010 7:19 pm

The biggest thing is to familiarize yourself with LG to the point that you are not surprised by anything.

On test day I missed 4 on LG, which knocked me out of the 175+ range.

With regard to RC... PTs, PTs, PTs, PTs. Eventually things just clicked.


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Re: 175+ PTers: How are you prepping for Dec LSAT?

Postby pineappledazzler » Tue Nov 16, 2010 3:14 pm

I've scored 175+ a few times although my PT average is around 172/3 for the most recent 10 I've done....I'm desperately trying to be more consistent on RC (can go -0 but also go -5 from one test to the nest) and figure out how to really nail LR and stay focused...

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