when should I take it?

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when should I take it?

Postby glucose101 » Sun Oct 31, 2010 1:44 pm

So I'm a senior who plans on taking a gap year after UG finishes. I also plan on applying as early as possible to increase my acceptances. I plan on taking all 60 exams and understanding my mistakes thoroughly.

I have J-term (one class during all of January), so I should be able to do a large portion of my studying during January. When spring semester commences, I'll have 3 classes and a 1/2 thesis. For the most part, I would assume that my classes won't be terrible difficult, but schoolwork is schoolwork.

Do you think I could take in June and score well? Or should I wait and work on the LSAT during the summer for October (and forfeit applying early)? I guess I'm paranoid because I would like to do as well as possible.


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Re: when should I take it?

Postby kiniru » Sun Oct 31, 2010 2:06 pm

I don't think taking the October LSAT would make you forfeit applying early.... idk if next years exam is in Sept/Nov but law schools make their ED/EA deadlines so that you can apply with Sept/Nov LSAT scores. That's what a lot of people who just received their scores are doing now. Since most schools don't start looking at apps until then, I don't think you'd lose out on anything if you can score well in October.

I think your decision about whether to take June/Oct LSAT should depend on whether you think that you can get a score within your target range on your first take. If you take June and don't do as well, then you have a chance to retake in Oct before submitting apps. But if you decide to take your LSAT in June, I would definitely recommend doing serious prep during the 8 weeks before the June test. And also you should weigh what you're going to be doing next fall - if you will be able to study during the summer/Sept more than leading up to June.

Good luck either way!

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