December Re-take Question (LR/LG Bible Question)

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December Re-take Question (LR/LG Bible Question)

Postby bball85 » Sun Oct 31, 2010 12:17 pm

I'm re-taking in December and am trying to determine how to prepare since I've taken most of the PTs. I haven't used the LG or LR bibles before so I'm thinking about buying those. I usually get around -1 or -0 on LGs (even though I uncharacteristically bombed a game in Oct) so not sure how much the LG bible can help since I pretty much have my diagramming techniques down from my previous studying. Does anyone who has used either the LG or LR bibles think it makes sense for me to use them at this point given my current situation?

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Re: December Re-take Question (LR/LG Bible Question)

Postby Rawlberto » Sun Oct 31, 2010 12:45 pm

For LGB, don't buy. If you are already getting those scores, it's not going to help a new system of diagramming. Just keep doing what works for you. Some have even said that it is outdated, so it may not be the most help as far as improving on recent games.

The LRB has helped me a lot to be honest, don't where you are LR. But I was usually at -8 per section, and have gotten down to -5 since reading it and improving.

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