Retake in December for scholarship purposes?

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Retake in December for scholarship purposes?

Postby leomon » Sat Oct 30, 2010 2:02 pm

3.5 undergraduate GPA, 173 LSAT. Currently, I plan on applying to the top twelve schools in <a href="">this list.</a>

I understand that I increase my chances significantly by applying early. BUT on the preptests in the week leading up to the LSAT, I had been scoring 178s and 179s, which could be worth a lot of scholarship money at the schools I plan on applying to, if I can do it on a real LSAT.

I'm especially confident in my ability to do better on the December test because of this: I left the October test feeling I had had an unusually rough time on the logic games section, and I was right about this, though I didn't realize how right: -5. Yes, that's unusual for me.

What should I do? If I apply now and get accepted, will it be possible to negotiate scholarship money based on my hopefully higher December score?

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