Dealing with test day nerves

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Dealing with test day nerves

Postby niederbomb » Sat Oct 30, 2010 9:59 am

For those of you who retook the LSAT and got significantly higher the second time, what did you do to minimize test day nerves on the second rewrite?

I took a "cold diagnostic" with -18 on LG under timed, proctored conditions with the Princeton Review a few years ago while suffering from nasty heartburn and got the same score I got this October: 162. o

Yoga, marijuana, just more practice, hookers the night before, :lol: prescription drugs...I'm open to hearing anything.

Even if I don't go to law school, just about every other career I would ever consider requires standardized tests, too, so please post constructive advice and not "reconsider law school" digs.

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