Quick question re: LSAT scores and how they are viewed

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Quick question re: LSAT scores and how they are viewed

Postby williemayshayes » Sat Oct 30, 2010 2:58 am

I took the October LSAT recently, and I came away from it feeling like I did quite well. However, my score came in via email ("unofficial score report" - my documents are still not available on the LSAC page)...and let's just say it was an unqualified disaster.

I was diligent in my preparation for the test, and went into it treating it as a glorified practice test...meaning that I was/am more than prepared to retake once or twice should it come to that. Sadly, I ended up doing so poorly that a June retake is going to have to happen.

My question is this; is this less-than-stellar test score going to hang around the neck of my law school candidacy like an albatross? More specifically, if my retake score(s) are stellar, will this one test be a blemish on my record that will be difficult to overcome? As I understand, a significant proportion of law schools take the highest LSAT, rather than the average score...but I cannot help but ask myself this question because the score is still on record no matter what.


EDIT - I am sorry if this did not need a new thread. I will post this same message in the "waiting thread"

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