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Re: LSAT Blood Pact - Official Tally

Postby n4elise » Mon Nov 01, 2010 3:59 pm

Adjudicator wrote:Just wondering, to those who scored 178-180... how do you feel about those of us in the 175 area? Do we look stupid from up there? Or are we all 99th-percentile brothers and sisters?

i'm thrilled with my score, and i do feel that i deserve it based on pt scores and such, but at the same time i constantly remind myself how lucky and grateful i should feel - the difference between your score and mine is just a few brain flubs (and dude, so sorry that you forgot to bubble in an answer!). the fact that i happened to not have any brain flubs on test day doesn't make me any smarter than you. so it'd be stupid of US to see you guys as stupid from "up here," haha

as for law schools, i'm not the most well-informed on this stuff (being only a junior, i myself won't be applying for another year), but i know that even a 180 doesn't guarantee us anything. i wish it did haha. it probably offers a slight edge, but nothing that a higher gpa or a killer rec can't offset. especially if we're talking a difference of a handful of points.

also, the floods of law school spam are starting to roll in... i wonder if the spam differentiates between 175ers and 180ers. my guess is not. that puts us, or at least our inboxes, in the same boat - bros fo sho.

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