LSAT course: BluePrint or Atlas?

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LSAT course: BluePrint or Atlas?

Postby ngogirl » Mon Oct 11, 2010 1:41 pm

Hi, I am an American living in Lebanon..

I have been looking for LSAT materials everywhere, and while there are ample resources for the GMAT and MCAT's there is nothing available on the LSAT.

I am currently taking a logic course at the university to help me prepare for the LSAT. I am currently looking at taking an online LSAT virtual course. I am familiar with the TestMasters methodologies of diagramming, books, and such, but I have heard horror stories about them, so I do not want to go with them. I tried incorporating the PowerScore books (I had them in the U.S.) with my personal foundation, but unfortunately the combination of the two methodologies ended up confusing me.

So, I am looking at taking either the online Atlas course or the online BluePrint course. With Atlas, I like the idea of the online forum, but they do not release all LSAT materials. On the other hand, the BluePrint movie looks appealing. However, I have read testimonials about really bad teachers who wasted important class time discussing their partying nights. On the website though, it says you will have virtual videos from two instructors most people rave about in the testimonials.

I really would like it if someone can help me out and give me advice as to what virtual course I should take. Right now, I have not been preparing for the LSAT, but just focusing on my coursework and more importantly, my Logic course. I am planning to take the test this June.

Please if you can give me advice on what course to take, I would be most appreciative.

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Re: LSAT course: BluePrint or Atlas?

Postby typ3 » Mon Oct 11, 2010 1:45 pm

BluePrint is best if you're looking for a class type learning experience.

Atlas is superior for self-study materials without an online class.

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