Cancel Oct Score, Retake December?

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Cancel Oct Score, Retake December?

Postby RFKScott » Mon Oct 11, 2010 12:41 pm

My goal on this test was/is to get a 160+ which I know is modest compared to a lot of other people on this site. My last five PT's I ranged between 160-162 however on the actual October test I think I really botched the RC and know I am probably around 157-158 mark, who knows maybe even a little worse. I have plenty of time to study for December test and will definitely have the drive to keep pushing until then. Would it be wise to just cancel this score and just take in December knowing that I will most likely do much better? Is it worth having a score I dont really want on my record? Im pretty sure I have a good rough estimate of my score just due to the numerous PT's I have taken.

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