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Postby szelda64 » Sun Oct 10, 2010 11:12 am

I took the test again yesterday after a two-year hiatus (161). I studied using the official LSAC guide and Powerscore books for LG and LR infrequently but regularly over that period, and went in because I did not cancel my registration in time. I did not finish LG (just bubbled B for the remaining 4 on the final game -- should have looked at all games and done them out of order probably). I felt confident about the other three sections, finishing in time to look over my answers. In 2008, I missed the most points in LG, but more than I figured in the other areas as well. I have a family and teach high schoolers and community college students, so I am wondering if I should just take the plunge and apply now, using whatever score I get + th 161. I do feel as though I improved this time, but there's a chance that's just my natural arrogance.

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Re: Doubts

Postby DrackedaryMaster » Sun Oct 10, 2010 11:26 am

Same here. Also have done the two year hiatus from the test, but this coming from a 149. While I'm very confident I answered many more questions this time given the amount of prep I did, the LG screwed me. If I had aced this section, 164, no problem based on how the other sections went. Unfortunately, I'm thinking -6/-7 might have happened because I had to guess at the last 4 and just before that, panick was setting in. This has thrown a wrench into the 80 raw score plan. I came through on RC with about 20 right, but did I break even or pick up one or 2? I feel the LR's are right around what the PTs are like and I probably missed on my average (-11/-12) between the two sections total. So what 7x score will give a 160 is worrying me very much right now. Anywhere from a 157-165 seems possible. Too bad that's a massive gap in determining possibility of admissions.

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