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Re: Did anyone else notice the repeat LR question?

Posted: Tue Oct 19, 2010 10:28 pm
by sayruss11
AverageTutoring wrote:I believe what the OP is talking about are questions with identical logical structure and question stems but based on different material. What you gents are talking about are questions using recycled material. Not quite the same.

No, OP said "stimulus verbatim". Identical logical structures I don't think would be hard to find. But yes, OP if you're talking about the one about whether the purpose of the museum should be to have paintings from every period or only the greatest works of art (one of those two person dialogues) then I recognized that from one of the PTs in the 50s, or at least something very very similar.

Re: Did anyone else notice the repeat LR question?

Posted: Tue Oct 19, 2010 10:48 pm
by catsparka
tomwatts wrote:"So and so is the best person we have who does this job, but he has bad results more often than anyone else." "Oh, it's because he's assigned the hardest tasks." "Most of the complaints are about him, too." "It's because he's the only one who does it."

"Cigarette smoking is bad for you. Not because it causes lung cancer. Because it causes heart problems."

"I really, really don't think that a meteorite killed the dinosaurs. I think it was pretty much anything else: weather changes, volcanic eruptions, or maybe hallucinogenic drugs. Here, organize these dinosaur plushies into 'In' and 'Out" categories and decide on their colors, while we're talking about dinosaurs."

"Native Americans have property rights issues. It's because of their tendencies towards communal ownership and oral (not written) agreements. The courts have problems recognizing this. Here, read about 30 passages about this."

I could go on.