Taking 3 LSATs in one year

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Taking 3 LSATs in one year

Postby jwmalone87 » Sat Oct 09, 2010 6:50 pm

Hey guys,

Some brief overview, I have a 3.67 and a 158 already registered from the June LSAT. I feel good about the LR and RC from the test, but I completely bombed LG - got through the first two games, only a few questions on the Nurses game then completely guessed on the Runners game.

I've been PT'ing around 165 (which has been my goal) and based on prior experience, I feel like this got me in the 160 or 161 range.

Finally, my question: what looks worse on a record? A 158-cancel-then (hopefully) a better score in December, or taking three tests in one year? I really DON'T want to do the latter, but a lot of people are saying that cancels look bad too, especially if I already have one test on record.


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