Retake Dilemma

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Retake Dilemma

Postby leemalk » Sat Oct 09, 2010 5:19 pm

Just bombed today's LSAT. RC is by far my weakest section, and was really the only thing I was worried about today. Low and behold, the first section I encountered today was RC. Even though some here have said it was easy, I found it very tough. Probably had a lot to do with my first-time jitters, which led me to having some trouble getting focused. Anyways, I really let it get to me and proceeded to bomb the next 2 sections as well. By this point I had already filled in the canceling information. I want to retake because I truly want to go to law school and I believe I can do well on this. I'm currently a senior in undergrad, will be graduating next spring. Ideally, I would have scored well today and been able to apply this cycle. Obviously that didn't happen, so I'm left mulling over the decision to take the test in December. If my undergrad classes weren't a factor, I'd do it in a second. But the truth is, I have been quite frustrated over the past 2 months with trying to balance LSAT studying with my class load.

So basically, here is my question: Is it worth it for me to try and improve over the next 2 months and get my apps in for this cycle, or should I wait longer, study more, take the LSAT at a later date, and just apply next year?

Some background info:
My original diagnostic was a 151. I began studying for today's test almost exactly 3 months ago. LR and LG improved dramatically, RC remains very inconsistent. My PT's over the last couple weeks have been 165-168, primarily I believe because of abysmal RC scores (usually -5 to -8). My goal is to get at least a 172, and I'm hoping to have some choices in the T14. My LSAC GPA is 3.76.

Sorry if this was hard to follow, but it's been a rough day and I'm just trying to sort through my options at this point. Thanks for the advice.
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Re: Retake Dilemma

Postby peterb0y » Sat Oct 09, 2010 5:23 pm

totally feel you bro- kinda think i did well below my goal, which was 170- Also a senior in undergrad, but I think I'm gonna keep my score and if it sucks just retake in Dec

The way i see it, the LSAT is way more important than my school classes, so I can let them suffer a little bit if it means I can rock this test. For me, pushing the app cycle to next year just isnt an option, dont really have a backup plan and I just cant waste a year of my life

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Re: Retake Dilemma

Postby tazmolover » Sat Oct 09, 2010 5:25 pm

Depends how much time you spend next 2 months. If you study intensely and don't get to a 170+ I don't think extra months will do it for you. You have already been prepping for at least a month and just adding more time won't improve your score.

But then again everyone is different...

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Re: Retake Dilemma

Postby leemalk » Sun Oct 10, 2010 8:09 pm

Thanks for the advice, it is appreciated.

I'm just wondering, if I apply in January (with my December score), how much will it hurt me, even if I'm above both the GPA and LSAT median at certain schools?

Looking at my calendar, I have 3 final exams the week before the December LSAT. This is really my biggest worry. Anyone have experience in a similar situation?

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