esl, international stu forlaw school LSATprep is going great

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esl, international stu forlaw school LSATprep is going great

Postby adam.123 » Thu Oct 07, 2010 12:42 pm

Hello everyone!
I am esl student. Went to high school outside US, but did my undergraduate degree in usa. cumulative 3.55 gpa, BS business major, graduate with honor.
LSAT prep is going great! hope to get 160.
Since i know my reading skills and writing skills are not that good, but i think it is just average. Regarding my undergrad, I never cared abour reading or writing, unless it was absolutely required. Just read a day or two before exam, did decent in all my classses mostly my grade are B+,A and very few C maybe 2 or 3.

Need some advice.will I do fine in law school looking at by background? By fine, i mean passing all my law school classes. Should i consider doing some master degree, paralegal degree or any related master degree that will sharpen those writing and reading skills? Or should I just get into habit reading dense material, magazine, economist, and then will just adjust to law school once i get there?

Any advice is higly apprecaited!

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