Study partner in DC/Arlington, VA area.

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Study partner in DC/Arlington, VA area.

Postby gambelda » Wed Oct 06, 2010 10:52 am

Looking for a study partner in the Washington DC area. I'm registered to take the LSAT in December and was hoping that I could find someone willing to take a preptest once each weekend with me at a quiet place like Georgetown Law Library. Then mark up our exams and go through the ones we missed to explain our reasonings.

I've done PT's 29-38 and some in the 50's. Looking to hit up the earlier ones now for more practice. Goal is a 170+. My last 3 scores have all been 165. Seems to be a hard barrier for me to crack, but the Oct 2000 PT I took yesterday I made 7 very silly mistakes that if I had back would have put me at a 171.(3 in main point questions on RC and 2 in possible lists in games >.<)

Looking for someone with a similar score goal as myself.

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