Trouble with RC section as a whole. Please help!

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Trouble with RC section as a whole. Please help!

Postby enigma09 » Tue Oct 05, 2010 11:07 pm

I'm currently reading through the PowerScore RC Bible because my RC has been absolutely horrendous since I started studying. It's consistently my worst section, and I'm hoping to get somewhere around -5 or so on the real test this Saturday and make up for that in the other sections.

My main problem, oddly enough, is almost never with individual passages, but rather the section as a whole. Working through the RC Bible, when I do individually timed passages, I rarely miss more than one per passage (and I'd be more than happy with missing 4 over the entire section) and I always finish them in 8:45 or less. Yet, for whatever reason, when 4 passages are put together, I inevitably run out of time on the section and end up guessing on 3, 4, or sometimes 5 questions at the end. It's like it's impossible for me to shift gears after an abstract law passage and focus on science or literature. I simply cannot figure out why I have little trouble with individual passages, but if you string them together, they tear me apart.

Has anyone else had this trouble and overcome it? I would greatly appreciate some help.

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