what to do when you dont get LR questions that you should?

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what to do when you dont get LR questions that you should?

Postby sangr » Mon Oct 04, 2010 4:48 pm

ok ive been posting a lot but.
basically ive been frekaing myself out about getting nervous on test day..thus making myself extremely nervous and anxious in the process..its been a week and i did a lotta things to stop it but it never really went away.. i took three PTs after this "nervousness"
and with each passing test my ability to comprehend LRs during PT time dwindled.

i dunno if its cuz of the stress, but my vision feels blurry..on top of that the worst thing is
i havent been able to catch LR nauances and stimulus logic like i usually am able to.
basically i guess its kinda like how a lotta people feel when they burnt out? except i dont
think my case is due to over study but rather a case of over-worrying and anxiety..clouding
my mind like crazy.

So yeah rather than a rant this was just the background for the question im about to ask. So what should i do if i have the knowledge to solve certain problems, but due to stress,
anxiety, etc...im not catching things that i should be? Basically ive gone several steps back in that before this anxiety i'd be able to catch all the scope shifts, etc...basically everything was coming together..but whe ni read the stims now i feel lost and struggle to focus...its not so much burn out from practice but more frmo the emotional distress.
anything to just help me get rid of this on test day!

any techniques or advice please! sorry that was so long


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Re: what to do when you dont get LR questions that you should?

Postby tourdeforcex » Mon Oct 04, 2010 5:00 pm


1) Chill out. Which I'm sure everyone one will suggest.

2) Are you using any psychoactive drug? Are you amped on caffeine all the time? Any Adderall? Cocaine? Because if you are using any of those, please stop.

3) Consider everything from the grand perspective. As in Does the LSAT score you get make that much of a difference on the day you die? Let's discuss worse case, you score abysmally on test day, okay. Take December or February or June, or next October. It's still going to be okay. Remember that. It will chill you out a bit. I get nervous too. I definitely haven't been sleeping as fully since late last week. Maybe you can take a little break. Do you game? Do you play sports? Run? Do that other activity and get in it 100%. Always keep perspective.


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