How to Stay Calm and Focused On Test Day?

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Re: How to Stay Calm and Focused On Test Day?

Postby Want_My_Life_Back » Mon Sep 26, 2011 10:11 am

As far as freezing up on seemingly unfamiliar LGs, this used to be a problem for me, I found the best thing to do is force yourself to start testing each AC. I created a little mantra for myself when I recognized what I was doing; I kept telling myself that I always have to keep my pencil moving/writing. It was too easy to become overwhelmed by a question, panicking that I couldn't even begin to now where to start attacking it. Looking back I feel silly for doing this as it is a infuriating waste of time and the easiest counter to it is to just go AC by AC choice, eliminating the wrong ones until you find one that works. At least in doing this your making forward progress and although working out every AC isn't the most efficient use of time it's certainly better than doing nothing and at the very least you now have hypotheticals to help you with other questions.
The take away message, and this goes for more than just LG, is to always keep your pencil moving, always make progress, don't freeze up.


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Re: How to Stay Calm and Focused On Test Day?

Postby uniquelycreated05 » Tue Sep 27, 2011 10:33 pm

I'm a 3rd time test taker too. I hate the thought of taking this exam again, but my passion is the law. I, too, have a great problem with standardized exams. I was scoring around 155 on PT, but my goal was to reach a 165. My first test was HORRIBLE. I scored a horrendous 131 on the exam. The second time, I scored a 140. I just don't know what to do anymore! I'm kinda freakin out because my LSAT prep class starts on Saturday and while I am excited, I'm also kinda nervous to do this again.

As for advice, I think you (and others suffering with the same problem) should take deep breaths and STAY positive throughout the entire exam. If your mind is focused on negative thoughts, your results will be negative. I'm teaching myself this very thing so we can all be successful in our future law careers.

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